Joinery Work

Are you always running out of room to store your clothes, is your room crowded with overflowing cupboards and drawers, are you constantly looking for more storage space? If you answered yes to any of these questions Customizer kitchens have a simple solution for you. A Built in wardrobe, get rid of that old small cupboard and use the wall space in your room to create a floor to ceiling wardrobe that can store all of your clothes with room to spare. With elegant designs and beautiful colour finishes our built in wardrobes stand out from the rest due to the high quality of our finishes and our teams ability to design a cupboard according to the space available rather than a standard flat pack cupboard. We will design your wardrobe with your input and put in more drawers where requested or more shelf space or even more shoe storage if requested.

Bathroom vanities, is your toilet in need of a minor makeover, or is your vanity in need of an upgrade, why not get Customizer kitchens to custom make your vanity, its easy to go out and buy a stock standard vanity but let us work to your bathrooms measurements and maximise the space and storage we can provide with a custom made vanity.

Entertainment units come in many shapes and sizes, but is it the right shape for your living room, why compromise on the living space you have just because it looks good in the shop window, bring us your design, your measurments and we will custom make an entertainment unit to perfectly fit in your living room, that way your entertainment unit will look great and you don’t lose half of your living room due to it being the wrong size or an awkard shape.

For all your custom joinery work please call our showroom and we are able to make just about anything you require.

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